How to kill skeletons!

How to kill skeletons!
Fire! Fire! Fire! Gosh dang it, FIRE!

Ugh. Is there ANYTHING worse than getting sniped from on top of a mountain, by something that's ALREADY DEAD, BUT YOU HAVE TO KILL IT AGAIN!? We all have our own strategies, but here, from team PhyshStik, is the ultimate encyclopedia on how to kill skeletons!

The cave strategy 

So, when you run into a few skellies in a cave, you'll probably have a nice selection of blocks to choose from. Just build a 2 high 3 wide wall against the side of the cave. The bone heads will run around to shoot you, and they will be within your slicing radius.

The infighting strategy 

So, mobs aren't usually going to TRY to kill each other, but nobody likes being turned into a pincushion, (Exeption for little cloth tomatoes) so if you can lead a zombie, or a creeper or <insert on of the other 50 mobs> toward a skellie, and put them in the way of an arrow, they will turn on the skellie, and totally forget you.

The stupid strategy 

Alright, I'm sorry, we had to have this one in here somewhere. This aptly named strategy requires you to put on full diamond armor, a shelid, and just run at that skellie, and smash as fast as you can. If you try this on multiple skellies at once, it's time to get an IQ test.

The hot feet strategy

This is a nether-lovers strategy, in other words: not super common. Just fill up your handy-dandy bucket with some handy-dandy lava, and pour it at the feet of your numbskull foe. If you use this strategy a lot, consider a nether portal, to get lots of handy-dandy lava.

The other hot feet strategy

Who says running away is cowardly!? If your stuck in a pinch, just skeedaddle down the nearest hill. And if anybody says "you ran away like a scared rabbit!", well, maybe you were an ANGRY rabbit, running away to another fight, away from the first one.

The taste-of-your-own-medical-supplies strategy

Well, you don't ALWAYS need a sword to kill a skellie, maybe just craft a bow, and get shootin'! Skellies seem to be super-fast at reloading, so consider the quick charge enchantment, and a inventory full of arrows. Poisoned, perhaps.

The doggie strategy!

Awww, so cute! Wolves are the all around best pet in minecraft, as they can be used for attacking! Just tame a pack of eight, shoot the skellie once, and watch as your pack literally picks the bones.

The CHAAARRRGE!!! strategy

This is a fairly-simple strategy, as all you need is a sword, a strength enchantment (optional), and high ground. Jump and dive bomb the skellie, while swinging your sword, to 2 shot, or, with strength, 1 shot that menace.

The FDGB strategy

Easy, but dangerous. Armor recommended. Lead a creeper near a skellie, aggravate it, and run away as it blows itself and the skellie up. If you use a charged creeper, you can get a mob head. Score!

The dig! dig! dig! strategy

So, we've all seen the Hollywoods, where prisoners break out using spoons. You can do that in Minecraft, too. Just dig into the wall of a cave, or something, and wait until the skellie comes near enough, so you can slice, dice, splice, and cook with rice.

The convenient cliff strategy 

So, this works better in icy areas, and there's lots of cliffs, and ice precipices. Just lead the bone head down to a nice cliff and knock him off with a well timed arrow, or a sword smash. 

The underground surprise strategy

Prepare to get a bit dirty! I think mud washes out... Dig underground 2 blocks and jump in! The skeleton will either stand super close or fall in, both are withing pureeing distance.

I hope you enjoy smashing skeletons in new, and creative ways, subscribe and keep reading!