Barley: Brawler rundown

Barley: Brawler rundown

Ready to serve! Today's special is a spicy Barley brawler rundown, with a side dish of unneeded comments from a random person in a smiley face mask! Enjoy!



For his attack, Barley throws a big bottle of a spicy concoction that leaves a splash of firey residue that gives damage each second enemies stay in the puddle.

It's good for controlling traffic-filled areas and is especially effective on stationary targets like the heist safe and the boss bot when it's charging or shooting lasers.


Last Call

Barley throws a flurry of fury, and bottles will fly. A large area of land will get covered in a blizzard of fire. The splashes deal less damage than the normal attack, but it's still a deadly attack. And it's also great for checking bushes.


Stick Syrup Mixer

Barley drizzles a bottle of sticky soda syrup on the ground. Delicious, but sticky, and enemies will be significantly slowed down. It can be combined with the fact that Barley's attack stacks damage nicely and is a surefire way to do damage.

Herbal tonic

Barley throws three bottles of revitalizing...guava nectar? I don't know, but I heals teammates and himself for 500 damage a second! Quite healthy! It's good in modes like hot zone and seige when you just need an extra boost here and there.


Medical use

Barley heals himself when standing in his splashes. This is really helpful in duels and aggro maps, as it boosts his effectiveness as a supporter class.

Extra Noxious

Barley adds 200 damage to his basic attack. It's basically the exact opposite of Medical Use, and is usable for being more aggressive and walling enemies in with extra dangerous...syrup?


Good gears for Barley are health and speed, to buff him where he has weaknesses, as that's the point of gears.

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P. S.

You can get Barley and a skin for free by linking an account to Supercell ID.

A delicious concoction!