Good brawlers for Knockout

Good brawlers for Knockout

Knockout is a pretty popular gamemode in Brawl Stars. To win, you have to kill everybody on the other team without dying yourself. The maps are very different, so looking at the map before choosing a brawler is a good idea for beginners, so they have a better chance of winning.

Some good brawlers for knockout

EDGAR: With GREAT speed and mobility, Edgar can maneuver around the map, charge his super, and knock out annoying throwers. With his Let's Fly gadget, he can charge his super from nothing in 7 or less seconds. With his fisticuffs gadget, he can heal better from punches, as Edgar usually wins in a 1v1, but 1v2s usually kill him.

Some brawlers, such as Sprout, are basically defenseless against a super, and even if he walled you (with FLOWERS!?) he'd have to have great aiming skills to hit such a fast brawler before you charged your super.

BELLE: So, with her long range and bounce ability, belle can chain groups, or if they are hiding behind a Frank or El Primo, doing pretty good damage, 2100 with 3 ammo on power 8. Her bear trap gadget is AWESOME for countering stupid Edgars, as you can slow them, damage them enough for a 3 shot, and snipe away to your heart's content.

Her super allows her to basically curse people to instant death, and is most useful on tankier, but dangerous brawlers like Sam, Buster, Sandy, Mortis, etc etc.

Don't overuse her super, as there can only be one at a time, and if you have one on, say, a Mortis, and you are just about to die, and you use your super to kill a Mandy, the one on the Mortis will dissapear.

BONNIE: Oh, yes, the best brawler in the game, according to the Brawl Stars community! So, her attack is a fairly high damage, um, tooth, I think? You can use it to chip away at the other team's health and charge her super. Her attack only has one ammo, but it reloads fast, and you should get some good snipes in.

Her super shoots her across the map, and deals damage when landing. Her ammo will turn into 3 and be completely filled up after using her super. Her attack will change into a super high damage barrage of grenades at close range. Using her super is a good wild card to save, as the cannon form does allow for good sniping and can roll with the punches better than an 8-year-old.

Her super charges in 4 hits, so it's easy to charge. Be careful because if you charge her super in the assassin form and then turn back into the cannon, the super will be lost. Think about it, though, if it stayed, the meta............😱

R-T: R-t's attack can damage and mark enemies, making them vulnerable to other attacks, especially Mandy's super, Nani's super, etc etc. As he can shoot with a high projectile speed, he can shoot and snipe better than other snipers.

With his Marks gadget, he can effectively give himself an extra ammo slot, plus, when he has a group of people coming towards him, he can activate the marks, and charge his devastating super to quickly kill them if you have super reflexes. His super can easily 2-3 shot any tank, if he's quick and is smart, i.e., activating in front of a Frank targeting a super, or an El Primo with a super.

His super can be a danger, as if he accidentally activates it out in the open, any Belle could just spam it until he died. Try to activate it behind a wall, or at least in a decent clump of shrubbery, or even better, behind a wall, AND in a bush!

PIPER: Her slappy attack can kill throwers, sorry, ARTILLERYS, and can turn Buzzes trying to charge their supers away. Her Homemade Recipe gadget can hit noobs hiding behind 1 block of stone or annoying Lightning McQueen wannabes that just zip around and are really just ASKING for a homing missle.

Her other gadget is good for countering El Stupido Primo, or Brainless Edgar, (both EXTREMELY popular skins) as it can knock them back and slow them, leaving them open for a bullet sandwich, or a hot fresh batch of LIVE GRENADES!

Brainless Edgar, 299 gems, for the value of 29.

Her super can be used for offense or defense, as it will carry her pretty far across the map (Does she have rocket boosters strapped to her legs or something? I just can't picture her jumping 20 feet in the air.🤔) and drop grenades at the bottom.

Rocket boosters????????⬆️

If you time it right, all the grenades will hit, and if you aimed well, you should be flung across the map, by some means of flying, that is unlikely jumping, and position you to finish them off from the safety of, well, really far away.

SPIKE: So, you may question the expert fighting skills of a cactus, but he is actually pretty meta if the player is skilled. His attack can do up to 4000 damage at super close range at power 9. His attack can hit R-Ts, um, legs, behind walls because of the split feature. His curveball star power makes this easier, and learning how to do it is a must with Spike.

His super can slow and do ok damage, leaving then vulnerable to Spike or assassin or marksman teammates. His plant gadget can counter snipers and can give a quick boost to get him through a health-off in the gas. With his quick unload and high damage, even at longer range, he can be a very viable pick! Just don't get too cocky, as his low health is a danger.      

RUFFS: Who's a good boy!? Who is? You are, oh yes, you ARE!! So, most people think: "Low health, low damage, super hard to aim, blah blah blah-diddy-blah-blah..." But he can have pretty good defense!

This requires some thinking, if you don't mind some philosophy mixed in with your brawling, though. So, when there's a dog that has a blue healing circle around him, you're gonna wanna get in on that action, right? Thus, you'll move into the circle and subsequently DEFENDING RUFFS.

This way, especially if you're a tank or assassin, people will probably think twice about trying to kill you, because people don't usually move in solo on 2 people together (unless it's duo showdown, and your an Edgar with, like 38 power cubes, but that's a different story).

Ruffs can also power up himself and teammates with his super. I know I basically just said the most obvious thing in the world, but most of the Ruffs of the world forget about TEAMMATES. If you have a god player on your team, but you are kinda bad with ruffs, POWER UP YOUR TEAMMATE, GOSH DANG IT! Good players are hard to come by, so when you get lucky with one, power them up!!!

SAM: Sam is a GREAT pick, a real all-rounder! His ever-charged super and high damage attack makes him a great pick for most maps. With his super, he can pick off low-health enemies, even after the nerf in February.

His magnet gadget can pull enemies away from the goal in brawl ball, away from the zone in hot-zone, and low-health snipers or throwers after being damaged by the super, letting Sam come over with his speed boost and pick them off after picking up his Knuckle-Busters.

If only it slowed people... His attack goes 1-2 in succession, so moving sideways away from the attacks at close range melee can evade on punch per ammo. This takes some practice, but it is very effective.

Try to use his Hearty Recovery starpower, except in hot-zone, where it's kind of obvious to use the auto-charge starpower, because, well, THERE'S A BUNCH OF ENEMIES CROWDED TOGETHER AND YOU JUST THROW IT IN THE HOT-ZONE AND IT WILL CHARGE LIKE LIGHTNING.

The reason I say to main Hearty Recovery is because it is SO MUCH BETTER IN KNOCKOUT. If you throw it at and you suck everyone towards it with the magnet gadget, and there's an annoying Bea or Emz or whatever, and they ALMOST kill you, but you grab your trusty Knuckle-Busters, and with the heal, it should get you through to a kill.

Plus, if you are (Warning: The next paragraph or so is kind of situational) playing one of those stupid creator maps where it's split down the middle, or a big lake in between the teams, or whatever, and it's a health-off in the gas, you can literally just bounce it against a random wall, and spam heals until you win.

Now consider Auto-Charge... When people see you charging when you're at full health, they're gonna steer clear of them for the rest of the match, and you will get zero super charge after that.

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