Custom Brawler: Tabs

Custom Brawler: Tabs

Hellllllllllllo! And welcome to another post of SomethingPhyshy! First off, thanks for subscribing, A. Preston! I have another brawler concept, and I wanna see if you guys like it!

Reload: Normal

Speed: Very fast

Rarity: Legendary

Name: Tabs

Health on power 1: 2800

Lore: Tabs is the lawyer for Starr park, as they can get into a little trouble here and there, what with Mandy losing it and blasting people with nutty-crunch and Chester destroying, well, everything, really.


Mind your Ps and Qs: Tabs uses her typewriter to shoot off 10 slips of paper that, after traveling a short distance all together, will split off in different directions and home in on enemies.

Damage per slip: 220

Damage all together: 2200

Range for max damage: 2 tiles

Max range for homing after splitting: 13 tiles


Tabs shoots 100 small magic homing missiles with evil intent in a straight line for a bit, but then they pick a target, a red cross hair sign will appear over their head, and Tabs missiles do their work. The missiles can be dodged, but at least 45 will still hit an excellent dodger.

Damage per missile: 25

Max homing range: 100 tiles

Speed: 4000


Order! Order!

Tabs and swings a huge hammer around herself, knocking everyone near her back 2 tiles, and doing 500 damage.


Tabs can see 140% farther into bushes for 10 seconds.



Tabs is invisible for 1 second after coming out of a bush.

Advocatus potestatem

When Tabs is below 80% health, she gains a 10% shield. When she is below 70% health, she gains a 20% shield. When she is below 60% health, she gains a 30% shield, etc etc.

Mythic gear: Every 20 seconds, Tabs's attack can pierce walls and enemies.



The jury's out!


Let's do this!

In the lead

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It's hopeless...

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