Brawling: beginners guide

Brawling: beginners guide


Do you guys think I should turn that into a song? Let me know in the comments below! Or above, or to the side, wherever the heck they are, I don't know. Oh geez I gotta stop rhyming, and I mean it! Anyone wanna peanut? ( OK I got that from a movie) And without further rhyming, BRAWL STARS!

So if you are already a pro at brawl stars, then you probably wanna skip this post, as it is more for beginners. OK, if you are still reading this then you are just looking for some tips for beginners. After you download brawl stars, it will take you to the training cave, a place where you can just beat up robots and practice attacks.

You won't see the exact same thing in the cave that you will after your're done with the training in the very beginning, as this is just the ABSOLUTELY USELESS POOP that they make everybody go through. You will be playing the brawler Shelly and it'll tell you to beat up some bots and blow up some stuff with your super, and just kinda walk you through the super basic stuff.                                                  

This will teach you the controls and if it feels really patronizing, don't worry it actually is really patronizing.

TIP: if you hate the preset controls, don't worry all you have to do is click on your brawler menu and select some random brawler, then down in the bottom left corner, click on TRY and it will take you to the cave. When in the cave, click on EDIT CONTROLS and move them around to your liking! OK congrats you are now officially a brawl stars player!

Play some rounds in SHOWDOWN to get the hang of your brawlers and have fun!

OTHER TIP: don't worry if you hate Shelly, more brawlers are soon to come! * P.S. I hate Shelly too*