Brawloween skin ideas!

Brawloween skin ideas!

OooooOOooooooOOOOOooHhhhhh! Weelcoome toooo SomethingPhyshyyyy... open the door to a scary good new post of SomethingPhyshy! It's nearing Halloween season, and I think a brawloween update is in order!

To start off October on a good foot/claw/talon, I'm brainstorming some creepy, but nice Brawl Stars skins.

Wraith Crow

Crow is slightly see through, and has ghostly effects for his attacks and his super is a sight to behold!

Rarity: Mythic

Dementor Mortis

Only Harry Potter fans will know the reference here, Mortis gets creepy robes and his super looks a bit like the soul-sucking powers of the Dementors from the movies.

Rarity: Epic

Ghoul Pearl

Pearl gets some creepy chains, her cookies are the Brawl Stars skull logo on coins, and her super pulls up souls from the ground...

Rarity: Rare


Otis gets a green and black theme, his eye is a spinning whirlpool of hypnotic light, his attack is a light flash, and his super hypnotizes enemies.

Rarity: Mythic

Pumpkin Spike

Spike looks like a pumpkin and gets some creepy robes, his attack looks like a ethereal orb that splits fragment off, and his super makes grave stones pop up, and fog drifts around.

Rarity: Epic

Candy Corn Ash

Ash's castle looks like a big candy corn, his attack looks like a wave of candy, his mice look like little candy corn that scuttle around.

Rarity: Epic

Alien Squeak

Squeak gets 4 legs, a green color scheme, eyes on antennas, his attack is green, and his super is a flying saucer 🛸.

Rarity: Epic

Ghost Leon

A partner skin to Ghost Squeak, Ghost Leon has a white and ghostly color scheme and his super..well, let's just say its pretty ghostly too.

We hoped you enjoyed this awesome post of SomethingPhyshy! Try not to get too scared...EEHEHEHheheheheeee..