Brock: Brawler rundown

Brock: Brawler rundown

Welcome back to another Sumthin' Physhy post! Todah were gonna be talking 'bout a rootin' tootin' brawler, Brock! Let's start with his main attack.


Rockin' Rocket

His attack is a fairly-high speed missile that explodes on contact, doing around 1100-1700 damage, and leaves a firey residue that damages enemies for over 400 damage per second.

He is a good sniper, and if an enemy is right next to a wall, he can shoot the opposite side of the wall and damage the enemy with the explosion through the wall. This is great for damaging people who are actually trying to take cover. ​


Rocket Rain

Brock's super is a rain of rockets that damage enemies in a large area and leave a smoldering wasteland in his wake. Pretty straightforward, you can hit enemies behind walls or cover and check bushes in a very effective way.


Rocket Laces

Brocks first gadget, ​Rocket Laces, boosts him into the air and knocks back and slightly damages nearby enemies. You can use it to get away from assassins or tight situations, and it can be used to knock enemies into the smoke.

Rocket Fuel

Brocks second gadget, Rocket Fuel, supercharges the next rocket he shoots to be bigger, faster, and wall-breaking. Generally used to get at hard to reach artillerys behind walls, or to hit especially fast targets. Unfortunately, it doesn't affect the super, though already it's basically the same thing...


More Rockets

Brocks 1st starpower, More Rockets makes his super shoot 44% more rockets. ​I think we can now call it a rocket storm. Great in heist.

Rocket No. 4

Brocks 2nd starpower, Rocket No. 4 adds an extra ammo slot to his attack, allowing him to shoot four rockets consecutively. This allows him to snipe a bit better and is a generally good starpower.


Good gears for Brock are damage and sheild. With a damage boost he can make his rockets even deadlier, and with a sheild he can roll with the punches better and keep sniping.

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