Bull: brawler rundown!

Bull: brawler rundown!

So, what's up with bull!? Bull is not an ACTUAL bull, but has a bull-like quality, due to a huge pompadora haircut.

Anyway, enough of that, his attack is a quick burst of BULLets, that do crazy damage when they all hit. Very good for bush-camping in showdown. You can use teleporters to warp over to throwers...SORRY, ARTILLERYS, and kill with, like, 2 shots close-range.

His super BULLdozes enemies, knocks them back, and does damage. Kind of a slow speed for the super, so try to not rely on long-range supers for offense. Very good for defense though, because it smashes walls, and goes pretty far.


T-Bone Injector: Bull instantly heals for 1500 health. Good when facing Edgar, El Primo, Darryl, and other short-range brawlers.

Stomper: During his super, Bull smashes the ground, interrupting his super, and slowing nearby enemies. Good if you can time it right.

Star powers

Berserker: When Bull falls below 60% health, his reload speed doubles. Another good addition to be viable against assassins.

Tough Guy: When Bull falls below 40% health, he gains a 30% shield, until he heals. ANOTHER star power for assassins. Consider Bull in big game, because if he is the big brawler, he will have high health, because he's a tank, AND with the Tough Guy starpower, he'll have a shield for the endgame.


Good gears for Bull are damage and super charge. With damage, he can add to his star power, especially Tough Guy, so that he gets damage AND a shield. With super charge, he can, guess what, CHARGE HIS SUPER! Good for transportation, and offense, to give him a lot of utility.

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