Colt: brawler rundown

Colt: brawler rundown


Today we're gonna talk about Colt! So, this rugged gunslinger is probably one of the first brawlers you will have unlocked, but nobody can deny the power of this brave sheriff.

To start off, let's talk about his attack. It's a stream of six low-damage bullets that do a lot of damage together. Very good when someone is moving straight towards or away from you. Tip: DON'T USE QUICKFIRE WITH COLT'S ATTACK! literally, like, 3 at most will hit a fast


A longer range barrage of bullets that with explode walls, good for countering "artillerys". In a pinch, they can also destroy long stretches of walls for escape or a invasion.


Silver Bullet: Colt will fire a single shell on his next attack, doing the damage of 2 of his regular bullets. Only use for breaking walls, as it's really just for utility, or defense.

Colt instantly loads 2 ammo. Use for fighting the boss, as you can basically fire 5 ammo one after another. On max level that's like, 15000 damage. Also good for most tanks, too.

Star powers

Slick Boots: Colt has 13 percent faster movement speed. Good with the speed gear, to maximize speed, and basically turn into Max.

Magnum special: Colt shoots 11% farther. Good in heist, as you can shoot the safe without getting TOO close.


Good gears for Colt are speed and damage. With speed, combined with slick boots, he basically turns into Max. Colt is a pretty low-health brawler, so getting the damage to activate is pretty easy.

Keep reading, and watch out for El Primo!