Cordelius is OP!

Cordelius is OP!

Hello and welcome to another questionably sane post of SomethingPhyshy! Today we're gonna be looking at a whopping big problem, named Cordelius.

Yes this little mushroom-crazed maniac is breaking Brawl Stars.

Why is he so OP?!

Well, let's look at what makes him the most viable brawler in literally every gamemode. First his attack is way too much damage. 1000 per projectile with 2?! No way. And with Comboshrooms he can pile on 10 percent more damage to an already insane amount.

Plus he can unload pretty fast and has a reload that lets him unlease a powerful mushroom barrage of death every 3.000778 seconds.

And his super. You can forget about the entire concept of a team as Cordelius can just charge his super with a super charging area or a quick 4 SHOTS OR LESS LANDED, and focus on one teammate at a time for 8 seconds, and he can chain his super, plus getting speed and reload buffs, and preventing his target from supering, rendering Edgar, Buzz, Sam, and others basically defenseless.

Plus, if he's the Big Brawler in Big Game, he can chain his super on one enemy the entire time or just super around and cheese the entire game. Not fun.

And his gadget, Poison Mushroom allows him to use Otis's entire gimmick, while piling on all this nonsense.

​Possible Nerfs

I've brainstormed a few nerfs for the terror know as Voldemor-er-Cordelius.

First off, base attack damage should be lowered to 660 per shroom. This would allow better chance of a fair fight.

And the super duration should be shortened to around 7 seconds, so that enemies will be able to wait out the storm easier.

The speed buff should be nerfed to 15 percent, and the reload to 25 percent. This would lessen the trump card Cordelius has with his buffs, and would make lower damage brawlers like Poco, or Gus more viable against him.

Poison Mushroom should be shortened to 1 second so that he doesn't get as much of a break when using it, and enemies would still have a chance.

Plus, Comboshrooms' buff should be lowered slightly to 15 percent, so that it's not an obvious choice between it and Mushroom Kingdom.

Finally, his super should only last 4 seconds in Big Game, when he's the Big Brawler. This should lower the chance of a cheese.

Hopefully these changes should make him a more balanced brawler and more well-rounded.

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