Custom Brawler: Fred

Custom Brawler: Fred

Hello, and welcome to another post of SomethingPhyshy! Today we're gonna be looking at a brand-new custom brawler named Fred! Fred is a professor at Brawl Academy, and will divide and conquer!

Health: 4900

Rarity: Epic

Speed: Normal

Class: Supporter

Mastery title: pHD



Fred types out barrages of equations on his giant calculator. He shoots addition and multiplication signs at teammates, and division and subtraction signs at enemies.

Each addition sign can add 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 health (it's random). Each multiplication sign can multiply health by 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, or 0.4 (getting a multiplication sign is 70% rarer then an addition one). Subtraction and division have the inverse effects on enemies.

Range: 8 tiles



Fred dishes out some good grades and hands out grad caps to his teammates. While they have the hat on, they get a 50% shield, and get 2450 health.

Diameter: 15 tiles

Hits to charge: 7



Fred drops a calculator on the ground that heals teammates for 1000 health when they pick it up.


His next attack is only multiplication and division signs.


Extra Credit

Fred heals 15% better


Fred attacks 15% better

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