Custom Brawler: Hex

Custom Brawler: Hex
I honestly don't know why I put this picture here 🤣. I'll make a brawler mesh in blender or something to replace this weird png.

Hello, and welcome back to another post of...SomethingPhyshy!! Today we're gonna be looking at a custom brawler I made called Hex.

Hex is a devious witch that can trick her enemies and back-stab her "teammates". She's the second member of the swamp trio.

Health: 2800 Rarity: Mythic Speed: Very Fast Class: Damage Dealer Mastery title: Is a pro


Dark Curse

Hex shoots a hex at enemies that does damage and curses them with slower reload and they can't charge their super when under the curse of Hex.

Damage: 1120

Reload nerf: 25%

Range: 9 tiles


Magical Misdirection

Hex shoots a constant stream of creepy energy for 3 seconds. It doesn't do any damage, but charges a curse bar. If she can charge the curse bar to full power by hitting the enemy for the full three seconds, she shapeshifts into that enemy and gains their power level, name, gadget, and attack and super, plus health, and hypercharge.

She appears as a teammate to the other enemies, and the REAL enemy appears as an enemy, and can be damaged.

Range: 12 tiles

Illusion time: 30 seconds

Hits to charge: 9


Strange Runes

The next attack doesn't have any debuffs, but does twice the damage.

Creepy Energy

The next attack doesn't do any damage, but sucks all the enemies super charge and gives half to Hex.


Tenebrae Maledictae

Hex's super lasts 5 seconds more.

Mysterious Synergy

Hex can charge her curse bar with 15% more speed.

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