Custom Brawler: Harry

Harry is a mischievous ghost with a haunted past. He's the third member of the ghost train trio.

Custom Brawler: Harry

Hellllllllllllo, and welcome back to...(dun dun DUNN!) SOMETHINGPHYSHYYYY!!! Today we're gonna be looking at *sigh* another custom brawler.

Health: 6400

Rarity: Epic

Speed: Normal

Class: Tank

Mastery title: Shocker


Harry shoots a circle of white shock energy that knocks back enemies and slightly slows them.

Damage: 1280

Knockback: 3 tiles

Slowing: 20% nerf for 0.8 seconds

Range: 8 tiles



Health: 5600

Rarity: Legendary

Speed: Fast

Class: Damage Dealer

Mastery title: Space Age


Cosmo shoots some moon-soil grown plant prototypes at enemies. The attacks poison enemies, and weaken them. When he hits his teammates, the plants buff them with strength, but no healing. If he quickfires, he buffs himself, but self-buffs are 15% weaker.

Poison damage 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds: 85

Buff: 45% (Doesn't increase with power level.)

Weaken: 25% (Doesn't increase with power level.)

Range: 8 tiles



Harry makes himself intangible, (move through walls, immunity, and cool effects) and he is 75% faster.

Duration: 12 seconds

Hits to charge: 9


Soul Stealer

Harry sucks 1000 health from nearby enemies in a 4 tile radius.

Ghost's Touch

For the next 3 seconds, Harry's attack will do no knockback, but stuns enemies. (His attack is black instead of white).



Harry's super lasts 5 seconds longer.

Void Walker

Harry can walk oved water during his super.

We hoped you enjoyed this spooky post of SomethingPhyshy and have a happy Brawloween!

NO, he's not copied from Harry Potter! 🙄