Custom Brawler: Milo

Milo is a creative artist with a taste for color. Just don't end up on the business end of his huge paintbrush!

Health: 4800

Speed: Fast

Unload speed is extremely fast. (.4 seconds)

Class: Assassain

Mastery title: The Colorful

Rarity: Epic


Milo is an artist who has a unique attack pattern. The first ammo is a basic swing, almost exact to Bibi's, except Milo swings his giant paintbrush clockwise. When he attacks for the second time, he uses two brushes, attacking both clockwise and counterclockwise. For the third time, Milo does a colorful whirl attack, damaging everything around him (similar to Jacky).

Damage per sword: 900

Whirl damage: 1400

Reload: Fast


Milo releases a powerful paintball that charges forward and then explodes. The super attack has a .5 seconds delay, while he winds up, similar to Mandy, and is 2.5 tiles wide and 10 tiles long. If it hits an opponent, it deals less damage. (25% less per opponent hit). When it reaches the 10th tile, it explodes and deals epic damage, knocking back the target.

Minimum damage: 1580

Maximum damage: 2700


Creative shield

When Milo hits a teammate with his main attack, they gain a 50% shield for 5 seconds


Milo absorbs all damage for 4 seconds, but when the timer expires, he takes all the damage he received during the 4 seconds.


Slowing ink

Milo's super now slows down enemies that get hit by it for 3 seconds


Attack #1 and #2 now use two swords instead of one.



• Milo's here to play!

• Milo's at the door!

• Creative, colorful, and deadly!

• Pink, purple, blue, I'll get you!

• *Milo laughs*

In the lead

• Creative success

• The color of success is blue! I should know!

• Paint-splattered victory!

• Don't knock my smock, or I'll clean your clock! Heh heh.

• Colorful!

• Victory is sweet!

Taking damage

• Meanie!

• I'll show you!

• Violet's hue, I'll show you!

• All in good fun! Not.

• Owww...

• Paint will run, and you're no fun.

• Anger management!

Dealing damage

• Taste paint?

• That must hurt!

• Accidentally on purpose.

• *Milo laughs*

• Sorry!

• Oops!

• Colorful!


• Exit stage left.

• Milo has left the building.

• My work is done.

• Paint splattered...defeat.

• No comment.

• THAT'S depressing.

Defeating an enemy

• Hahahaaa!

• Colors and hues, I killed you!

• Paint can be deadly.

• Danger! Danger! Deadly artist over here!

• This is totally my fault.

• Just too creative for my own good.

•Make your trees look like happy trees!

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