Custom Brawler: Sterling

Sterling is a masterful silver craftsman and salesman that can offer lots of rare trinkets for bargain prices!

Custom Brawler: Sterling

Hello, and welcome to SomethingPhyshy! Today we're gonna talking about a shiny new custom brawler inspired by SomethingPhyshy's member Skeletor. If you want your custom brawler featured, leave a comment on this or another page.

Health: 3000

Rarity: Chromatic

Speed: Fast

Class: Artillery

Mastery title: Makers Mark


Sterling attacks by unleashing a barrage of metallic trinkets and ornaments in an arc formation with medium range and high damage.

Damage per projectile: 350

Number of projectiles: 5

Range: 8 tiles


Mirroring Metal

Sterling throws out a tendril of liquid metal, and if it hits a brawler it copies their attack in metal for Sterling to use. It copies the damage, reload, range, etc. It also copies the super, gadgets, and starpowers.

Range: 12 tiles

Duration of copy: 30 seconds

Hits to charge: 6



Sterling throws an oversized teapot on the ground near him, that blocks incoming attacks, similar to Ruff's Sandbags gadget.

Silver Tops

Sterling drops 3 spinning silver tops on the ground that do 300 damage per 0.5 seconds when they're touching enemies, and home in on targets.



When Sterling uses his super, he is immune to stuns, slows, or knock-back.

Stunningly Bright

Enemies touched by Sterling's super are stunned for 1 second.

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