Day 2

Day 2

πŸ˜€ Would ya look at that! Someone came back! And a good thing too, because you're just in time for the day 2 tutorial!

So after a long night of sleep, you wake up, a brand new day full of possibilities. First off, an inventory check. Here's the basics of what you should have:

So today, we'll get into the basics of cooking. If you haven't eaten anything for a while, you start to get hungry. If you get hungry enough, you start taking damage.

So lets start this culinary expedition, by crafting the most important block for beginning chefs: The Furnace!

Grab 8 cobblestone, and get out your crafting table, and craft one.

Once you have your furnace, craft a half-stack of sticks (32).

Then grab your stone sword and find some animals to brutally slaughter. Once you have some decent meat, go back to your house, and put it into the furnace, along with the sticks for fuel. Wait a bit, and voΓ­la! Meat a la' Cooked.

Next craft a bunch of sticks. Then craft as many ladders as you can.

Go outside and make a huge tower of dirt into the sky, It'll act as a beacon for you if you get lost. Use the ladders to get back down, but save some for later (they really do come in handy).

Spend the next few minutes mining.

Mining tips

  2. The best way t0 get ore and find underground treasure, is staircasing. Dig a 2x2 staircase down to bedrock, then back up to the surface, then back down again.
  3. Another great way to find ores is branch mining. Dig a 1x2 staircase down about 40 blocks. Level out, and make a 1x2 hallway 30 blocks down. Go back to the front, and make a 1x2 hallway 40 blocks down every third block on the side.
  4. If you see copper, grab some, but since there's SO MUCH FRICKING COPPER IN THE OVERWORLD, it's not a priority. Diamond, iron, and redstone are rare and prized. Gold is rare, but since it's not really useful, and gold tools have the same durability as wooden ones, its not worth any risk. Lapis Lazuli is great, if you love dyeing things blue, and enchanting weapons, so grab that if you can.

After getting some raw iron, it's time to learn the art of smelting. Get some sticks, and put the raw iron in the furnace with the sticks for fuel. After a bit, you'll have a nice stack of iron ingots, which can be crafted into iron tools.

Take an iron axe, and get 2 stacks of wood from nearby trees, then craft it into 4 stacks of planks. This should take care of your wood needs for the next few days.

Where to go now?

Well thats completely up to you now! You've got a base, some supplies, a mine, and some experience! You could go anywhere from here!

Take a look at my other posts maybe, and get some inspiration, or just pack up your items, and start walking. Oh, and make sure to click the green button on your way out!