El Primo: brawler rundown

A great big post of El Primo glory

El Primo: brawler rundown

Hello, and welcome to a new post of SomethingPhyshy! (have you noticed I basically say the the same thing every post?) Today we are gonna talk about ELLLLL PRRIMMOOOOOO!

This superstrong brawler is the TOP wrestling champion of Brawl Stars! Let's start with his attack!


His attack is a fast flurry of punches, that has pretty high damage, but low unload speed. It's really good for countering fast brawlers, as they often forget how many punches there actually IS. Because of his high health and good mobility with his super, he is dominant in brawl ball, only passed by Fang.


His super. Hoo boy, his super. It's a HUGE elbow drop, that knocks back people on landing, and does pretty OK damage. It can be used to knock brawlers into the smoke, but it's kind of stupid if you ONLY use it for that. Usually you just leap at the annoying thrower, and go to heck with health, I'M A TANK!!!!


Suplex Supplement

El Primo launches the nearest enemy into the sky, pancake style. Can be combined with his super to double launch. I AM THE GOD OF KNOCKBACK!

Meteor Strike

El Primo summons a meteor to hit the nearest enemy. Very oppressive, and good in heist.

Star powers

El Feugo

Enemies hit by his super burn over time, doing 1200 damage, and extending base super damage to 2320 instead of the usual 1120. Good for heist, as you can jump on the safe, and with the extended damage, effectively do up to 5000 damage.

Meteor Rush

El Primo gets 25 percent faster speed for 4 seconds after his super. Good for escaping hairy situations.


Good gears for El Primo are heath and speed. With health he can keep topped up, and tank better. With speed he can ambush and run away if you get too cocky.

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