Genesis Noir game review

Genesis Noir game review

Hello, and welcome to a cosmically awesome post of SomethingPhyshy! Today we're gonna be looking at a cool-looking game called Genesis Noir. Genesis Noir is a really stylish game that has a very noir color scheme and very little color.

You play as a wandering watch salesman named NoMan, and witness a gunshot aimed at your friend, also known as the big bang. As you search for a way to stop or destroy civilization and save your friend.

It's a point and click UI, which I personally find harder on a PS or Xbox, as it's a bit too sensitive, but it's manageable. The graphics are simple, yet very appealing and the whole style is amazing.

The gameplay isn't really that great, but the graphics and general style make up for it. If you're looking for some really stylish graphics, look no further.

It's also got a great soundtrack, featuring jazz and classical pieces that really fit this game. It's very peaceful and generally a really chill game. The animations are also really great, and cutscenes really help the flow of the game.

👍What we liked

✔️ Very good animation

✔️ Great style

✔️ Cool vibes

✔️ They did a great job with the noir theme

✔️ Creative plot

👎What we didn't like

❌️ Point and click UI icon is a bit small

❌️ Point and click UI is a bit too sensitive

❌️ Kind of confusing

❌️ Mediocre gameplay

❌️ A few plot holes

Anyway, I'd say it was about a 84.6/100.0

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