How to guide: Sam

How to guide: Sam

Welcome to a new post  of... SomethingPhyshy! Here is a Sam brawler-rundown! Grab some cocoa and enjoy!

His attack is a 1-2 with the ol' Knuckle-Busters, that does kind of Awesome damage, I mean, 1000 per punch, so around 2000 per ammo!?!?!? Aaaaggh! Anyway, he is classed as an assassin, and you can see why! His attack is short-range, so basically, buff Edgar.

His unload speed is slowish, so good in duels, where there aren't too many pesky enemies to interfere with DOMINATION! MWAHAHAHA!!! His attack can be dodged (oh God, finally, some nerfs of SOME KIND!) with practice because his attacks go 1, 2, instead of super fast, like 940822840🙃

The way you dodge it is by moving THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the Knuckle-Busters, and one will hit. For instance, if the Busters were going 1-2 in a clockwise motion, you want to move counterclockwise to avoid them. This takes practice, so don't expect every single opponent to dodge every single time.

For his super, he throws his Knuckle-Busters and gains a speed boost. Good for a lot of strategies. (Strategies are down towards the end of the post.) Good when combined with speed, to maximize speed to get to enemies quicker.


Magnetic field: Enemies near his Knuckle-Busters are sucked towards it. Good for killing throwers and/or supporters because you can throw them, then while you run towards them, suck people in, pick up the Busters, and finish them off. MWAHAHAHA!!

Magnetic repulsion: When his Knuckle-Busters land, they give out an explosion of magnetic force, pushing enemies back. This gadget is kind of useless because it will only activate the explosion at the end of the throw, and it's hard to aim it right. Kudos if you can, though.


Hearty Recovery: Whenever Sam picks up his Knuckle-Busters, he gets a percentage of his missing health back. This is by far the better starpower, as you can use the speed boost when you throw them to just spam heals in the smoke to out-health enemies.

You can also use it to get easy health in showdown and knockout, to recover from an ambush. There is a bit of a delay between when he throws it and when the code will actually let him pick it up. It's only, say, .5 seconds, so it won't prevent you from using the starpower that way, it's just not super OP.

Auto Charge: When Sam's Knuckle-Busters are on the ground, enemies near them will charge Sam's super. This may sound good, but it is a really bad starpower. When people see you charging when you're at full health, they're gonna steer clear of them for the rest of the match, and you will get zero super charge after that. Plus, the charge circle is really small, only like a 3 tile diameter.


Good gears for Sam are health and speed. With health, you can keep adding on to the reoccurring theme of health with this brawler. With speed you can add speed onto the speed boost when you throw the Knuckle-Busters.

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