🧟‍♂️ How to kill zombies

🧟‍♂️ How to kill zombies

Braiiiiinnnnnssss.....um, I mean, welcome to SomethingPhyshy! Today, we're gonna be doing a sequel to our very successful how to kill skeletons. But for zombies.

A quick ode to braineaters

So basically zombies are big hunks of stupidity that wander around groaning, but they can dangerous if they corner you or strafe, so I made a quick guide to slaying these brutes. Think walking dead casting. Let's start with a simple one.

Take a bow

Get out your trusty bow and arrow and knock out these guys from afar, great if you fancy yourself a sniper. Good for picking off a few at a time.

The trinitrotoluene strategy

This one requires a little planning ahead to pull off, lay down some tnt, put a pressure plate on top, and BOOM! You can also substitute a switch, button, or some insanely overly complicated machine to trigger 1 block of tnt.

"some insanely overly complicated machine to trigger 1 block of tnt."

13.2 feet per second

Also requires a bit of planning, place an anvil in front of a piston head in the ceiling, and pull the trigger when the zombie's underneath you.

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The easy way

  1. Be in creative
  2. /effect strength @s 255 in the chat
  3. Kick butt

The PhyshStik way

Put a square of dispensers on the ground (3×3) load them all with healing (zombies heal from posion, but take damage from healing, I don't freaking know) and put switches on all of them. 👌

Lava...(dang it I can't think of a pun 😐)

Jump, and quickly place a block underneath yourself, then put a few lava buckets down around yourself, and it'll scorch any brainless braineaters that come near you! Easy peasy minecoins pleasey.

Seriously give me Minecoins.


The pushy way

Put two walls of pistons on either side of a line of pressure plates, and when those dummies go through...😬

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