I'm making a game!


I'm making a game!
A rough draft of an area in my game.

Hello and welcome back to another post of SomethingPhyshy. Today, we're gonna be looking at a game that...I'm making?!

Yes, I am making a game and will be doing more posts on it soon. I'm using some different AI tools and programs, plus ChasBurger is collaborating. My ETA is somewhere between 6 and 8 months, so hang in there!

What is Chronovalis?

It's a building/simulation game that focuses on building back the Chronovalis Sanctuary For Mythical Creatures. Save the world from attacks from mythical creatures, while raising your mythical monsters and rebuilding the sanctuary.

Unlock DLCs and collect clues and lore about the past of the world of Chronovalis and the rise and fall of the Chronovalis sanctuary.

cherry blossom trees near river
Hypothetical location in my game

Can we have a teaser PLZ?!

Yes, I will be publishing a small teaser video, once I have good material for a good teaser.

I hope this post made you pretty excited about my new game! Subscribe, comment, and share this video for good luck!