Jed: Custom Brawler

‌"Stay away from Jed, he's not afraid to destroy you with his duffel bag! He sure packs a punch...

Jed: Custom Brawler

"Stay away from Jed, he's not afraid to destroy you with his duffel bag! He sure packs a punch...

‌‌Jed is a traveling rogue with a firey temper and a rock-hard duffel!

Rarity: Mythic

Class: Damage Dealer

Health: 3900

Speed: 720

Reload Speed: 1.5s (Normal)

Trait: This brawler is immune to external slows.



Duffel ruffle

Using his duffel, Jed blasts one item out of his duffel. (The possible items are a videogame system, a teddy bear, a big water bottle, a 20-pound weight, a Derf gun, or a battery.)

The blast damages enemies right in front of him, and his item flies off. Enemies affected by the blast take 60% less damage from the item. Neither attacks can pierce walls, and only the blast pierces enemies.

‌‌Blast damage: 1200

Item damage: 900

Item width: 0.66 tiles

Blast diameter: 3.66 tiles

Item range: 10 tiles

Projectile Speed: 4000



Bomb voyage!

Jed fires a time-bomb that latches onto an enemy for 4 seconds. The enemy has that much time to land a shot on Jed before the bomb goes off. However, Jed will be slowed by 20% while the bomb is latched and heals 20% less effectively. When it does, the enemy and nearby ones in a 3-tile radius will be heavily damaged. If Jed or the enemy dies in those 5 seconds, the bomb will not go off.

‌‌Damage: 2800

Range: 6 tiles

Width: 0.66 tiles

Projectile Speed: 3800


Mechanical Recycling

Jed blasts the nearest wall to make himself a 40% shield for 3 seconds.

‌‌Personal Space

The blast from Jed's next attack knocks enemies 2 tiles back.

‌‌Star Powers

Happy accident

Every time an item accidentally hits a wall, Jed restores 0.8 ammo.

‌‌Bomb Shelter

If Jed uses his super with less than 40% health, he will not be slowed.

‌‌Mythic Gear

Crammed and stuffed

Jeds attacks do +120 more damage.



•  I just got off the bus!

• Jed will make you dead!

• Jed has led!

• Jed Matrix has entered the building!

• Hello! Wanna autograph?

Taking damage

• Geez!

• Haters gonna hate!

• Haters!

• Hands off the merch!

• Get away!

Dealing damage

• There's more where that came from!

• Ha!

• Painful, huh?

• Duffel ruffle!

• Duffel bags rule!


• Jed is dead.

• Evil!

• I'll have you arrested!

• GoodBYE haters!

• What did I ever do to you?

Defeating an enemy

• Jed has made someone dead!

• Dead by Jed!

• That must hurt!

• Here's a taste of your own mustard!

• Au revoir!

Activating a super

• Here's to bombs!

• Escape! I dare you!

• You'll come to a blasty end!

• You'll regret crossing JED!

• Try to free yourself! Keyword: "Try"

In the lead

• Jed is in the lead!

• Jed is very good!

• Who's not dead? Jed!

• Hellogoodbye!

• I'm on fire!

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