Looking at Darryl

Looking at Darryl

Shiver me limber limbs! Today we're gonna talk about Darryl! So let's start with attacks! his main attack, double deuce, fires a DOUBLE DEAUCE of bullets which do INSANE damage at short range. Use his super to get close to people, and then just SMASH THAT ATTACK BUTTON! One of the highest DPS in the game, so very good in brawl ball.


His super is a really quite AWESOME roll in his bouncy barrel, that ROCKETS forward at a whopping 2400 movement speed! A great cheat with this super, is to get on a creator map with a LOT of water, autocharge his super, and then aim it across the map, over the water, and, with good aim, you can cover 100s of tiles.


Tar Barrel: Darryl spills some sticky tar on the ground, that slows nearby enemies. Good when fighting high-heath brawlers where you need all the a bullets to hit

Recoiling Rotator: Darryl spins and fires off a lot of low damage bullets in a circle. Good for checking bushes without wasting ammo, and with longer range.

Star powers

Steel hoops: after his super, Darryl gains a 25% shield for 2 seconds. Good when paired with tar barrel, as he can hit with great aim, and shield himself at the same time.

Rolling Reload: Darryl gets doubled reload after his super, VERY OPPRESSIVE, good on duels.


Good gears for Darryl are damage and speed. With damage, you won't want to be playing steel hoops, as that just contradicts this gear. It will allow you to fight Edgar better.

With speed, you can sneak up on people and just point-blank them, while they scream and twitch their fingers.

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Don't know what this is. Seemed fun, though.