Looking at Spike

Looking at Spike

Thanks for the idea, Voltage! Today we're gonna look at Spike! This is a good legendary brawler that is kind of the mascot of Brawl Stars, and has some cool skins and great strategies!

His attack is a medium range spike grenade that explodes into 5 smaller spikes on impact, that, on power 1 do 560 damage soo...(÷×=+<)... around 800 on power 11! That, times five soo...(■♤♡€£◇)...around 4000 on power 11 if all the spikes hit! Crazy!

The great thing about Spike, is that unlike most close-rangers, he can throw at the end of his range and still do full damage, allowing him to damage the safe in heist, slow brawlers, ie. 8-BIT, or brawlers slowed by Crow's gadget, etc. Use his mobility to get close to enemies and spam away!

His super can control choke points, detur assassins, counter Edgars, and just generally aggravate the other team. Put it on the hot zone to keep enemies from scoring points, or when someone is corrupted by Willow, but you don't wanna damage your teammate too much, just slap the super down to keep them holed up until Willow stops the mind control.

Use his..shoot, I forgot the name, the, um, cactus-heal-spawn-heal-thingy? To counter pipers, and snipers.

This is probably the better gadget of the two, I mean the other one kinda screams "NOOBER ALERT! NOOBER ALERT!"

I admit, though it can be useful if you can get close to people.

Sometimes the cactus-heal-spawn-heal-thingy is just better, ie. Piper, Sam, Mortis, Belle... should I go on?

Anyway, GEARS! So, good gears for Spike are damage, and speed. With damage, he can add, what, 15% more damage to an already awesome amount?? Oh yes. With speed, he can get near enemies quicker, and activate his awesome point blank burst.

Hope you enjoyed this post, subscribe, and have a brawly day.