Brawl Stars Modifier idea: Ghost Circles

Hey! Shoutout to all you Frank players, your dream mod is here!

Brawl Stars Modifier idea: Ghost Circles

Helllllooo, and welcome back to another SomethingPhyshy post! Today, we're gonna be talking about a custom modifier that would completely dump the meta upside down.

What's a Ghost Circle?!

The idea behind Ghost Circles is that when you're playing a match with the Ghost Circles modifier turned on, there will be these big ghostly circles ​that appear on the ground.

When you step inside one, a GHOST CLONE of your brawler does the exact same thing in all other existing Ghost Circles. ​Basically, it's a copy of any brawlers OR ATTACKS that go inside a Ghost Circle.

For example, let's say you're playing a showdown match with this mod turned on. A Circle appears next to you, and you step inside. Now, on the OTHER SIDE of the map, a Dynamike throws a bomb into a different Ghost Circle. You would take damage from the ghost clone of that bomb!

But if you had left the circle, then even if the bomb is still in range, you wouldn't take any damage.

How could you use Ghost Circles?

Well, in Heist, if a ghost circle spawned next to the safe, you could damage the safe without even getting near it. Or in Showdown you could pick up power cubes across the map.

And we could fight teaming with it, like if two or more brawlers are within a certain distance of each other then a Ghost Circle would spawn next to them and the strongest brawlers on the map.

Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more SomethingPhyshy content!

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