ChasBurger is a brawler!

ChasBurger is a brawler!
The anatomy of a burger.

Welcome to another great post of SomethingPhyshy! Today, we're gonna be looking at ChasBurger, as a brawler!

Name: ChasBurger

Health: 7500

Rarity: Mythic

Speed: Slow

Class: Tank

Mastery title: Hold The Mustard



ChasBurger whips up a pool noodle with an inflatable burger on the end, and smashes it down in a line, doing extra damage to anyone on the end. He can adjust the range.

Whip damage: 910

Burger damage: 1300

Range: 8 tiles

Delay: .5 seconds


Hologram Hacks

ChasBurger creates a hologram field around himself. Any teammates inside it with him can't be seen, and holograms of them roam around inside the field to confuse your enemies.

Diameter: 20 tiles

Hits to charge: 10

Duration: 15 seconds


Shake It Up

ChasBurger whips up a creamy chocolate malt and spreads it over the ground, increasing teammates speed by 100% for 5 seconds.

Let's Get This Party Started!

5 random explosions go off around ChasBurger, doing 1500 damage each and knocking enemies back.


Noodle Supremacy

When ChasBurger hits 2 noodles in a row, the third one has 30% more damage.

Scripting like heck

3 more holograms appear.

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