PhyshStik Exclusive Foods

PhyshStik Exclusive Foods

Hey! You hungry? Yes? Good, because today I'm talking about PHYSHSTIK EXCLUSIVE FOOD! If you want to have a snack try these super special meals created by PhyshStik himself!

Burrito a la PhyshStik

A burrito with avocado, cheese, beef, and a scrambled egg. Delicious, and PACKED with protein, and healthy stuff. Good meal. Nice things happen when you eat it. Serve with pineapple juice.

The big Physh

A wood grilled burger with cheese, pickles, ketchup, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo. You can skip the wood grilled part, as some people don't have access to 2000 dollar wood grills. Can be cooked regularly, but it's AWESOME when wood grilled. Serve with fries, and a milkshake.

The phrozen physh

A bowl of ice-cream, with strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and sherbert. Serve with chocolate sauce and 5 cherries. (Maraschino, preferably). Good for parties, and movie nights.

PhishStik's fishstik sauce

Cook some fish, then put it in bread crumbs, and cook it. You can use most any recipe, just 'cause most fishstik recipes are pretty much the same. Our special twist, serve with a mix of ketchup, heinz 57, and barbecue sauce. Delightful!

The phruit punch physhbowl

Every party needs a punch bowl! An especially special phruit punch bowl should have 1 gallon orange, 1 gallon cherry, 1 gallon lemonade, 18 oz. of Gatorade (for energy and electrolytes), And 10 oz. Iced tea, sprite, or mtn. Dew (for late night energy, and pep) that's 4 gallons, 12 oz. of deliciousness! (You can halve the amounts for a smaller bowl, not all parties need that much)

Well, hope you have fun, send suggestions for more posts, and eat hearty!