PhyshStik looks at Pokémon UNITE

PhyshStik looks at Pokémon UNITE


So, this is a free game ($0000000000000000000000000.00) that is compatible on the Nintendo switch. It's pretty fun, I'd rate it about an 82 out of 100. When you start, it will ask you to read the terms of service, put in a username, your birthday, the usual, and get you started with a practice match, playing Pikachu.

You can aim, and quickfire, similar to Brawl Stars (If you don't play, check out my other Brawl Stars posts!). It looks like a huge circle, but that's just your RANGE, not your actual ATTACK.

The main game that you play is called a Unite Battle. You start off in a circle base area, and move down the map fighting wild Pokémon that are easy to beat to get Aeos Energy. Once you have a good amount of Aeos Energy, (From wild Pokémon, the opposing team, collecting from dead teammates, etc etc.) you can find one of the other team's goals.

A goal zone for your team⬆️

To score points, you need to take your Aeos Energy, and dunk it in the other teams goal, basketball style. This will score points for your team and weaken the other team's goal. Once the goal is destroyed, the Flux Zone connected to it will dissappear and give you an edge to destroy the next

Be careful, as when you die, you drop your hard-earned Aeos Energy. This can be picked up by the other team, and scored against you! They look like little yellow, ah, Easter eggs, I guess, so be sure to pick up any stray Aeos.

Connecting the goals are pathways called "Flux Zones". These will slow your team, and speed up the other, if they are on your side, they speed you up, etc etc. If you destroy the other team's goal zone (and vice-versa) the Flux Zone connected will dissappear.

When you start your first battle, you'll be playing talonflame, or alolan ninetales, so you'll want some upgrades pretty soon. Bad news: Everything is as expensive as heck. Good news: There's a BUNCH of easy stuff to get you some quick cash! These include completing some ultra-easy training stuff, and battle pass stuff, and tons of rewards before you even do anything.

As soon as you save up 10000 coins, (It sounds like a lot, but you'll get it within 30 minutes of starting) you should buy Gengar from the shop.

If he isn't in the shop, wait a couple rotations and he should show up. The shop looks like a little shopping cart icon on the right side of your screen. Once you click that, you'll wanna go to Unite Battle Commitee, and select Speedster in the class menu at the top. Gengar should be available for purchase!

The reason our starting Pokémon is Gengar, is because he is cheap, and good. When you start a battle hit R to select Will o wisp (his attack) as you progress add Lick, and then when you are evolved to Haunter, select Hex and Shadow Ball. You can charge your Unite Move, but to make up for the great attacks, his Unite Move isn't exactly great.

Hex will allow you to TELEPORT and do small damage to enemies near you at the end of your teleport. Its cooldown is only 5 or 6 seconds, so you can use it for attacking, getting into the other team's goal, running away from an abusive Zororark, etc etc. As you can see, Hex will definitely win over Dream Eater.

If you learn how to time attacks, this mild 10000 coin dream-eating demon can become your best Pokémon!

As you progress in game, you'll definitely want to get some more Pokémon. You can get Zerora for free after winning 32 battles in the Zerora Quest. When buying Pokémon, make sure to buy slightly less EXPENSIVE ones, as opposed to a ton of trashy ones. Some Pokémon you should set your sights on are: Urshifu, Zacian, Greninja, Zororark, Buzzwole, Dragapult, and Scizor.

Of course, feel free to buy whatever you feel like, these are just suggestions! I hoped you liked today's post, look forward to more UNITE content! Subscribe and tell your friends!