👎Rayman Raving Rabbids is bad!

OK, I heard about a game called Rabbids. I downloaded Rayman Raving Rabbids, and it was trash. The UI is bad, and there is almost zero customization, and the games are weird, hard, and confusing. I tried multi-player, and it made you hit 🅱️ to reload a BUNCH, which was bad enough, but the aim crosshair LITERALLY LOOKED LIKE A FLIPPING FIVE-YEAR-OLD DREW IT!

It is NOT as advertised and is DEFINITELY not worth 20 bucks.

My experience

I downloaded the game for a very overpriced 20 dollars and waited 15 minutes for it to download. I tried to get the free trial, but it glitched and would not let me enter, claiming I had not actually downloaded it. After trying (and failing) to play the free trial, I forked over 20 dollars and started the game.

I entered into an EXTREMELY bad UI and could not figure out what was happening. I tried multi-player, but it only allowed 3 characters for my username.

It told me to make an avatar. OK, but there was only 4 options for the different clothing items, Gangsta, Granny, Rayman, or Disco. I went with all of the Gangsta items, because it was the only really usable avatar! Only to find that my avatar was barely EVER visible on screen!

I started to play, and I selected "Survival multi-player". I started thinking it would be an experience somewhat like Fortnite or Halo.

To say the least, I was incorrect. I did not even have my avatar visible at all a whole lot of the time. I played a small, hard to control, inaccurate crosshair, (if it even deserves to be called a crosshair!) And shot toilet plungers at rabbits.

I started hearing a clicking noise when I attacked, and I wasn't shooting anything. This is because I had run out of ammo in 4 seconds. I needed to hit 🅱️ every, oh, 4 SECONDS, and that got old fast.

I would not recommend this game. I hope this post helped you decide what games to buy, and get the real scoop on Rabbids.