Unlock the Pro Gamer mascot in Crossy Road!

A quick tutorial on how to unlock the Pro Gamer avatar on crossy road.

Unlock the Pro Gamer mascot in Crossy Road!

The mascot "Pro Gamer in Crossy Road is really cool! But how do you unlock it?

It's a secret character, so it can't be unlocked in the prize machine. The way you unlock it is actually pretty complicated. You have to get a score of 80 or above while maintaining a APM (Actions Per Minute) level level of one hundred or above.

You get about 17 APM points per hop, so make sure to jump back and forth when you're waiting for traffic to move and jump as fast as you can until you get 80 points or above.

After you die, it shows a screen saying that you've unlocked the Pro Gamer mascot.

While you're laying Pro Gamer, you can hear a Korean commentator in the background, and storms of lethal Kreeglings, (a reference to the popular Korean game StarCraft) that will kill the player on contact.

It's that easy! Keep hopping and have fun!