Season 19 sneak peek!

A rundown of the Brawl Talk, with some commentary and opinion.

Season 19 sneak peek!

We've got 2 new brawlers, new gamemodes, remodels, skins, and lots more! In this post were gonna be taking a look at the highlights of the new season!

Chromatic Brawler​


The Enchanted Forest is the home of our new chromatic brawler, Cordelius. He was once a gardener before the toxicity of the place drove him mad.


Cordelius throws 2 mushrooms in rapid succession, each dealing a lot of damage together, but they have a short range.


If he hits his super, he transports his and his targets mind into a different reality, locking them in a 1 versus 1. In this reality, Cordelius gets a speed and reload buff. No other brawlers can interfere with Cordelius' super, allowing Cordelius to easily decimate the other brawler.

Targets of Cordelius' super cannot use their super or gadgets, but they can move and attack.

You stay in this reality for a determined amount of time, and if you or the target dies, you go back to normal reality.


Spore-Mind Cordelius

The tier 70 reward of the Brawl Pass, Cordelius becomes an evil genius, complete with a high-tech spore gun and a fancy new model plus cool effects.

Mythic Brawler


Buzz has a friend! Doug is chillest dino you'll ever meet, and loves hot-Dougs-I mean hot-dogs.


Doug splashes water in a circle around himself, healing teammates and damaging enemies. The closer you are to Doug, the more damage/heal you'll get.


Doug throws a hot-dog mark to one of his teammates, marking them or himself. If you die when you have the hot-dog mark, you'll respawn in the same place with a little bit of health and some ammo.

You'll keep your Bounty stars, Gem Grab gems, and other consumables.

The mark expires after a couple seconds, so use it wisely.



A 29 gem skin that looks pretty cool, Doug gets dragon wings and some sweet horns.

Enchanted woods skinset

Haunted House 8-BIT

The classic 8-BIT becomes a haunted house with this frightening skin, and hates knock-knock jokes. He's the skin that will be released with the Brawl Pass.

Stone Troll Lou

Lou becomes a stone troll, but he still looks cute and happy. He's the new Power League skin.

Wood Spirit Chester

Chester is a slightly creepy sentient tree, with new effects for each super, and a full remodel.

Dark Fairy Janet

Janet gets some butterfly wings and a cocoon gun, with fun effects.

It's the Summer Of Pirates!

It's the Summer Of Pirates, so all the pirate skins are back in the shop, and we have some new cursed pirates joining the crew.


Meg gets some cool new looks, a sweet remodel, plus exclusive effects. It's just called Megalodon because Meg-alodon?

Sunken Chest Griff

Griff's head becomes a sunken treasure chest, and he gets some snazzy pirate bling.

Cursed Pirate Bibi

Bibi gets a re-color, some fancy pirate garb, an awesome pirate sword and new effects and textures.

Kraken Surge

Shoutout to Steamfish, the creator of Kraken Surge, an awesome new skin with cool effects, textures and a whole new model.


Dark Tide Carl

Dark Tide Carl got a little less dark and a bit more vivid.


Iris Tara becomes Stara, amazing name and an amazing skin. So all previous owners of Iris Tara get Stara automatically.

Smuggler Penny

To fit with Penny's recent remodel, Smuggler Penny is also getting a bit cooler (if that's possible) with new animations and effects.

Phoenix Crow

Phoenix Crow is getting a huge remodel, plus a voice-over, new effects and a whole pinset!

29 Gem Skins

Unicorn Bonnie

Bonnie gets a sweet recolor in this 29 gem skin, and a custom model.


To celebrate the upcoming Women's World Cup happening soon, Bonnie is getting a recolor and some cool designs.

Are Boxes Back?!

No, but there's something else that works on the same principle of boxes, Starr Drops!

Starr Drops

The number 1 feedback after Supercell removed boxes, was that most players were missing the surprise effect of opening a box.

So Supercell added Starr Drops. Each day you play, you have the chance to collect 3 Starr Drops. You get one after your first win of the day, one after your fourth and one after your 8th win of the day.

Starr Drops have 5 rarities, just like the brawlers. Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary.

You have 4 chances to upgrade your Starr Drop each time you tap your screen. The higher the rarity, the better the reward.

You can get Coins, Power Points, Credits, brawlers, and even skins!

There are also a few exclusive pins that can be unlocked with Starr Drops.

To make each Drop feel significant, they're relocating some other rewards from Club League, Power League, and the Brawl Pass. Yes this sounds like a nerf to our rewards, but we're actually getting around 20% more.

New Gamemodes!

Wipeout and Takedown are back in the game!

We're also getting more ways to complete certain quests!

And you can progress on Brawl Pass exclusive quests, without having the Brawl Pass, but you won't get the rewards, so that if you get the Brawl Pass at some point, you'll get all the rewards.

And don't forget to go to to win some cool rewards and watch the Esports channel. These rewards include some cool exclusive pins.

And the skin they're giving away after the update is Dark Fairy Janet, so be sure to look for #darkfairyjanetgiveaway on social media.

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