Hello, and welcome to another post of SomethingPhyshy! Today we're gonna be talking about the new Brawl Stars season, Bizzare Circus! Let's start off with the new brawlers.

Chromatic Brawler


The new chromatic brawler, Charlie, is the main attraction at the Bizarre circus.


She uses her hair to throw a yo-yo with medium range that hits enemies and bounces back to her, sort of like Carl.


Charlie cocoons an enemy. The cocoon has health, and when all the health is gone, the enemy is released. It runs out on its own, but allies can shoot it to help.


Normal buffs + the cocoon releases some creepy crawlies to attack enemies when it's defeated.


Let's talk hypercharges- 5 new ones are being released! They will all be released on the same day, both in the shop and starr drops. We also won't be able to buy the collector's pack with coins, just gems, but there's gonna be a giant discount when they're released.

You can also skip the cosmetics and just buy the hypercharge for a discounted price. They're also re-running the hypercharge unleashed event for a limited time with the new brawlers that got hypercharges.

The special hypercharge quest is a lot easier, too. When you get it, you just get a random hypercharge.


Normal buffs + scrappy gets buff


Normal buffs + slowing field during super


Normal buffs + instant freezing


Normal buffs + basic attacks added to super


Normal buffs + super hits twice


Normal buffs + spiderlings spawn when cocoon is defeated


Let's look at the new skins!

Bizarre Circus

Ringmaster Byron

Byron gets some fancy new effects and a sweet animation. He's the host of the Bizarre Circus.

Cobra Lola

Lola gets a snake and is as charming as her snake is deadly.

Dark Clown Sam

This skin is seriously disturbed, Sam is now a creepy as heck clown. 'Nuff said.

Tusked Nita

Nita gets glowing red eyes, Bruce is now an elephant, and...yeah...lots goin' on here.


Like we didn't get enough creepy skins, we also get a new batch of 3 brawloween skins.

White Wolf Leon

A buddy skin to Werewolf Leon, White Wolf Leon is gray. And a wolf. 😐

Hoot Hoot Shelly

Almost Witch Shelly, Hoot Hoot Shelly doesn't have a cat, but an owl, and new effects and animations. I'm really getting a Harry Potter vibe here...

Kabocha Fang

Fang gets awesome👍👍👍

Warriors Journey

To celebrate Diwali together with Indian players, they're having a new skinset called warriors journey! Here it is:

Dasis Grom

Grom gets 7 heads and some sweet effects and animations

Supreme + Brother Bo

Powerful Supreme Bo, and his color variation, Brother Bo look awesome on the battlefield.

Vanara Frank

This super powerful and mighty skin looks great on our favorite Frankenstein.

Even more skins


Lavish Lola

Rebel Lola gets a recolor with new effects and new charm.

Boy Scout Gus

Because, even if he IS a ghost, he's still a good kid at heart.

Mecha Edgar Units 00 and 01

Mecha Edgar gets 2 awesome new color variations, unit 00 and 01.

Hockey Mortis

To celebrate the upcoming world finals, Mortis gets a hockey skin, he's never looked snazzier.


Robo Mike and Evil Queen Pam both get the 299 gem value, with sprays, pins, and a PfP.

No more Clubs?!

There's a lot of changes happening with clubs this season, first of all, club games, club coins, the club shop, and club league are being removed. 😬 that 's like 60 percent of club gone. You can also share battle replays in the club chat now.

If you have unspent club coins, half will be transferred into coins, the other half into power points, so you won't be losing anything. Although, if you want to get a club skin, get it now before the update drops.

You'll still be able to get club skins after the update, but they'll be for gems or bling.


A new club event! To make up for all the club gone, we get a new event called Meegggaaa piiggg! OK, so this Mega Pig event happens once a month​, and will be live the whole weekend, so TGIF!

The way it works is you and your clubmates will all get a certain amount of tickets initially, and if you play and win with these tickets, it fills up the Mega Pig for your club.

The more wins=more rewards, and they keep getting better as you stuff your Pig. ​Being skillful is very important here.

When the event is over, SMASH the Mega Pig to get your share of the rewards, plus top contributors get a bit more rewards so be sure to do your best!

Mega Pig Gameplay

Rewards are great, but what about how you actually WIN them?

So the Mega Pig takes a whole new crack at randomness. When you play, you get a random mode, map, and new modifier! You'll also get a picking phase, like in Power League.

It's 1 battle so if you win you automatically get rewards in the Mega Pig.

Mega Pig mods

And the new modifiers added are...!

Super bushy

Bushes grow from other bushes! Rosa's happy about this one.

Instant overtime

Everything explodes when the game starts.

Unlimited Power

Defeated enemies drop power cubes


No modifier

The first Mega Pig event will be happening in mid-November.

Brawl World Championship!!!

It's time for the 2023 world championship! It's happening on November 24th to 26th at Dreamhack Winter in Sweden! If you want to see it live, there's still tickets left! And if you can't make it, watch it at to win a free hypercharge!

Login calendar

A miscellaneous event, there will be a 25 day login calendar to make up for all this club gone, so be sure to login every day!

Pumpkin Plunder

Present plunder is back! Only now (in the Halloween spirit) it's called Pumkin Plunder!


Duels is back!!


All starpowers/gadgets indirectly nerfed were buffed.


  1. Power Points cap removed
  2. Look for #RingMasterByron to participate in the creator giveaways
  3. Scan this QR code to get a free pin

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