How to play Shelly

How to play Shelly

Hello! Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! G'day! And welcome to a new post of SomethingPhyshy!

Today we're gonna talk a little bit more about brawl stars! I'm gonna do a post on every brawler, just a short rundown and gadgets and star powers and some tips! So to kickstart that, we're gonna see how good is Shelly?

OK, so this brawler is very high up in the meta, after a speed buff, and can burst some pretty nice damage at close range. Her attack was basically covered in the last sentence so I'm just gonna move on to her super. AND SUPER CONVENIENTLY, HER SUPER IS LITERALLY JUST HER ATTACK BUT IT CAN BLOW WALLS! Not SUPER creative. Pun intended.


Her Fast Forward gadget just makes her run forward. That's it. This has got to be the LEAST CREATIVE BRAWLER IN THE UNIVERSE. I will say, you can dash into enemies and just mash the attack button until you get your super, and then basically insta-kill them.

Her Clay Pigeons gadget just makes her attack go farther and faster. Good for sniping.

Star powers

Shell Shock: her super now slows enemies. Good with clay pigeons, as you can slow the enemy, and snipe them! Easy-peasy!

Band Aid: after 15 seconds to CHARGE she will instantly heal 2000 damage WHEN BELOW A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF HEALTH.  Charges like a snail-turtle mutant covered in honey and molasses, but good for charging at high health brawlers, like Frank.


Good gears for Shelly are speed and damage. With speed you can just rush enemies and use the Mash The Attack Button Until They Die strategy. With damage, you can just ADD EVEN MORE FLIPPING DAMAGE to an already outrageous amount.

Good for defeating those super annoying noobs play power 5 Edgar that just jump on you and Smash the attack button until you kill them, but leave you at, like 1356 health that leaves you up for grabs for assassination by ANOTHER ANNOYING NOOB. Noobs generally don't try to attack you if you have burst damage AND a buff. (yes, they have at least 10 brain cells, it's true).

If you want more detailed information, don't worry, it's just because this is Shelly, and she is THE least creative brawler ever. So not much to say. Stay tuned for Nita!