Stumble Guys Review

Stumble Guys Review

Hello! Welcome to a SomethingPhyshy post! Today, we're gonna be looking at the multi-player tournament style game called Stumble Guys! The gameplay consists of 32 players in an elimination map. The first 16 to be eliminated will go back to the menu with 100 xp and a couple of stars. The winning 16 will move on to the next map, where there will only be 8 winners.

An elimination map called "Honeycomb"

Then those 8 winners battle it out in a random map until there is only one winner, who gets 3000 xp, and a ton of stars. There are multiple gamemodes and lots of maps. At the beginning of the round, the game chooses a random map and gamemode. There are tons of skins but a low selection of really cool skins. You can watch ads for the "lucky" wheel, but it usually gives you a common or rare.

What we liked 👍

✔️Fun gameplay

✔️Creative maps


✔️Free rewards have quick reset times before you can watch the ad again.

✔️Funny! Captain Noheart? Lionel Pessi? C'mon, that's funny!

✔️Friending other people is easy.

✔️Doesn't get boring.

What we didn't like 👎

❌️Controls could be better.

❌️Lots of skins, but you mostly get bad common ones, and the actual chance that you'll get a common from the lucky wheel is, like, 67.98 % against 1.8% chance for a legendary.

❌️Really long wait time while the game chooses a map.

❌️Little or no event selection.

❌️Confusing movement, and way too sensitive for a game like this

There is a slight glitch at the start of the game, and a little lag, because of all the players clustered together. I would suggest a little bit of space between each player at the spawn or less players per match.

Overall, it's pretty fun, though. Some of the skins are really cool. Dark Angel, Apocalypse, and Christmas future are just some of my favorites.

If the games were slightly shorter, that would be nice, too. I say this because an average game takes about 3 minutes and is even longer for Nerf battles. It's a game where you have to have a ton of spare time or cut out a chunk of your schedule to play, which is why I play on an every-other-day basis.

Play Stumble Guys for 4 hours, then watch Netflix until 10 and have pancakes tomorrow.

There is an actual Stumble Guys website, check it out here. On this website, you can watch livestreams, play, and more.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

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