Funny movie recommendations!

Funny movie recommendations!

These are some of the top-6 funniest movies and series I've ever seen. 5 stars!

Mr. Bean's holiday

The clumsy Mr. Bean goes on a holiday in France after winning the raffle. He comes equipped with a camera, 200 euros, and two words of French.


A Christmas-type movie, a human crawls into Santa's bag, and trys to fit in with the elves at the workshop, and goes on an adventure in New York.

The Inspector Clouseou movies

All very funny movies about an idiotic detective trying to solve the case, while recking havoc to everything.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 movies

Oh man, these deserve an award, really. They are about a man stuck in space, forced to watch bad B movies with his robot friends. They make fun of bad movies, and are all accessible through the Gizmoplex website. There's hundreds!

Adventure time

A classic. It's about a boy and his magical dog going on adventures through the cartoon world of Ooo.

We bare bears

A great cartoon, about 3 bears living together going on adventures in the city and lots of random funny plots.