Tiny Room Series: Town Mystery Prologue walk-through. (Gate to the city)

Tiny Room Series: Town Mystery Prologue walk-through. (Gate to the city)

I've been playing a fun mystery game called Tiny Room! There are different levels, all pretty hard, so I thought I would do a guide! This is the guide for the Town Mystery Prologue. Alright, let's get to it!

It will walk you through getting inside and controlling the camera.

Once inside, open the cabinet next to the ladder and take the tools in the toolbox.

Go over to the fuse box in the corner, turn it off, and use the tools to fix it.

Turn on the power, to shed some light on the situation. (Am I the only person who remembers that totally obscure time-bandits line? Probably.)

Go over to the desk in the corner. Look in the top left drawer and take the grey key

Then go over to the computer. You'll see a password login screen.

Under a stack of papers, you'll find a piece of paper. Pick it up and examine it.

The way the password was changed is under the keyboard. Slide it away to reveal the paper.

The diagram shows that the password is 1423. Enter that on the computer.

Once on the computer, click on the notes app.

Use this password, 3569, to open the roof. Go over to the ladder in the corner, and go up to the lock.

Once you enter 3569, the lock will fall off, and you will use your super-psychic powers to make the lock fall perfectly onto the ladder and make itself lock onto it.

Go up to the roof and go over to the fuse box.

Open up the right-hand side, and connect the purple cable.

Then go over to the computer and open the traffic control app, and open the gate.

Then go back to the car to complete the level.

I hope this tutorial helped, stay tuned to SomethingPhyshy for more Tiny Room walk-throughs!

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