Tiny Room Series: Town Mystery Chapter 1 walk-through. (Father's house)

Tiny Room Series: Town Mystery Chapter 1 walk-through. (Father's house)

Here is the second post in my Tiny Room series! A chapter 1 walk through of "Father's house."

Well, let's get to it!

When you first arrive, go around to the side, pick up the ladder, and go on top of the roof.

Take the black key from the mailbox, and go inside.

Go over to the dresser in the corner and open the bottom-right drawer.

Inside, you will find a safe.

The code for this safe is actually in the KITCHEN. Go over to the stove in the kitchen, and you'll find the knobs on the stove are the EXACT same as the drawer-safe.

Turn the knobs on the stove so they light up the burners. (There are small dots on the knob plating, telling you where to turn it to.)

Look at how the knobs on the stove are arranged, and copy that to the dresser-safe-drawer-thing-a-ma-jig.

Take the note from the dresser-safe-drawer-thing-a-ma-jig-doodad-gizmo.

Then, take the red key from the dish on the dresser, and use it to open the door with the red handle.

Go into the newly unlocked room and pick up the TV remote.

Use it to turn on the TV. We'll get back to that in a bit.

Take the screwdriver from the nightstand.

Use the screw driver to unscrew the lampshade of the lamp on the wall.

Unscrew the bulb.

Go into the kitchen, and pick up the laptop off the kitchen table.

There will be a login screen on the computer, and this is where the TV comes in.

Go into the bedroom, look at the TV, and enter the channel numbers on the note that says something about illumination.

When you enter the channel numbers, drawers will pop out. In the note, it has rectangles with numbers in them. These correspond with the place in the password that they are. (They correspond to the left and right drawers).

So the code goes...let's see if I have some emojis that will do the trick...⏸️🔼➕️⏹️Z⏹️.

Once on the computer, open up the camera app. (Its a huge camera icon if anybody was wondering...). On the camera app, you will find a picture of some books arranged in a special way. (Don't forget that image it is important).

A picture of a picture of a-*Ahem* some books.

Now, we need some books, so go into the main room, and take the green book from under the table.

Then go into the kitchen and grab the green book.

Then go into the bedroom, and take one from under the laundry basket, and one from the wardrobe.

Then go back into the main room and take one from the top left dresser drawer, and one from the left cabinet on the right bookshelf.

Finally, go into the kitchen and grab a knife.

Then push the couch away from the wall, and go behind it.

Cut open the patch with the knife and take the last book. 🎉!

Put all the books on the bookshelf.

Then go back and look at that picture on the computer again.

Arrange the books in the way shown by the picture.

A door marked "CORRIDOR" will open. Go through it.

Inside, you will see a crowbar on the floor, and a ladder leaning against the wall, leading up to the attic. The door to the attic is locked from the inside, so take the crowbar, and go outside.

Use the crowbar to open the attic window, and go inside.

There's a bunch random trash lying around. All we really need though, is the painting up against the wall.

Take the painting and put it on the wall. There is supposedly a puzzle and you have to make all the paintings straight, but if you literally just tap it as fast as you can, it will work.

Once you align the paintings, go into the huge door that opens up.

This will take you into the basement.

Turn the red water-valve to shut off the water, allowing you to cross the room.

Turn the dark wrench, to open the...wall-safe-hidey-hole-ding-dong!🤣

Inside, you will find a safe.

The code to the safe is on the back of this picture.

190185! Enter that in the safe.

Take the key, and go to the car!

Driving my car off a cliff after messing around with my dad's stuff! ✌️

I hope this post helped! I will do the Bank level in another post!