*Update for readers*

*Update for readers*


So, I think I'm gonna extend the, hmm... repertoire? I will be doing, not only games, but movies, unboxings, and more! *So exited*

Here's a list  of what I'm planning to do:

• Unboxings of consoles, games, and different gaming and tech stuff.

• Movie ratings, synopses, and recommendations.

• Games, including  Minecraft, Brawl Stars, Minecraft legends, Minecraft dungeons, Stickfight, Human fall flat, 39 days to Mars, Pokémon UNITE, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Totally accurate battle simulator, The Cave, Crossy Road, some good Roblox recommendations, and more!

• Cartoon recommendations

• Restaurant recommendations

• Cheats

• Rundowns

• Walk-throughs

• Minecraft server recommendations and games

• Whatever you guys want!

This is all in the future, so it might take a while to get all that juicy content out there, but in the mean time, comment, tell me what games you might like, subscribe and tell your friends or roommates or space capsule cleaning parter or announce it over the PA.