Why the Starr Road is TRASH.

Why the Starr Road is TRASH.
Trying to give feedback on the Starr Road.

Hi, hello, bonjour, ciao! First off, thanks for subscribing, Greg H and Stephanie Bird! Today we are gonna talk about the Starr Road, and why it is really bad.

First off, you don't get as many brawlers. Back when we had boxes, we could open one up, and a new chromatic or legendary could unlock. Not anymore, you can only start from the beginning, going through the mythic then the legendary, and so on.

So, the only way to unlock chromatic brawlers is to get 10 bucks, or 500 Chroma Credits.

And Chroma Creds are SO RARE that it takes a MONTH or MORE to get 500, and they don't give Chroma Credits on the tail rewards, so for people like me, that just go through the daily quests, and then just grind for fun, and you get through the Brawl Pass super-fast, you don't get chromatics as much.

Plus, IT IS SO EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!! 925 is an OK price for an epic, but 1900 for a mythic!? No mythic is worth that, maybe Mortis, but still, 1900!! And 3800 FOR A LEGENDARY!?!? Leon, Crow, and Amber, MAYBE. But Sandy? I don't think so.


And there is no surprise. In a mega box, you could find 3 chromatics or 2 legendarys with luck, but now, you know what you're gonna get. And because it goes in order of rarity, you have to get all the super rares, and then mythic and then epics, etc, which makes it harder for noobs who can't  grind to get good brawlers.

And once you pass 10k trophies, you don't get HALF of the creds that you did at 8k and 3k etc.

Well, subscribe, comment, and keep reading!

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