Willow: OP or trash???

Willow: OP or trash???


Is Willow OP!? The mind control has taken the meta by storm and you can bet nobody is transferring credits to Byron, when they can sink their fortune of 1290 credits into Willow! 4 SECONDS OF MIND CONTROL!?!? Oh no. Consider the health, though. 2500 on power 1, soooooo...(Quick maths)... 3250 on power 11.

That is not a lot, so without her super = very vulnerable to Buzz, Edgar, Leon, Not Pam, etc. The super is her main mechanic, so without a charged super she is sort of offensive, but requires her super to be charged for actual gameplay.

There are a lot of brawlers that rely on their supers for good gameplay and strategies, ie. Buzz, Edgar, Leon, Fang, etc., so if Willow is controlling them, she can't really do anything offensive, such as a latch with Buzz, a jump with Edgar, a chain with Fang, etc., besides scoring the ball in brawlball, damaging the safe, etc. Plus, when Willow is controlling, she is vulnerable to an attack, for up to four seconds, like Edgar, Leon, whatever.

On the other hand, Mind Control!!!!!!!!

Willow is totally balanced!

Just kidding

I think time will really tell, but Willow is kind of (KIND OF) trash.

I know, here comes the hate, but seriously, the super is the main mechanic, really. I know, I know, gadgets and starpowers are good (Not as bad as RT's In Line gadget, but that's another story😪), but dang, I mean, the attack takes years to do all its damage, the Obsession starpower is weird, and is only for the Cheese People Into The Gas method.

That's probably the only really good cheese strategy for Willow. I mean, look at Crow mains (look at me...), they should basically change Crows name to Mr. Cheese, but Willow only has one good insta-kill strategy.


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